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“Saul” - Name changed for privacy

Saul joined Six Points as a young man, fresh out of Gunnison High School. He lived with his family and was determined to have his own home one day. After 9 years in our program, Saul was given the opportunity to move into a trailer which was generously donated to Six Points. Saul is now proud to say that he has lived on his own for almost 13 years. He takes great pride in having his own home and loves to decorate it for the holidays. Living in his own home gives him the opportunity to have pets, and last summer he planted vegetables and harvested them with great pride to feed them to his two pet guinea pigs, Ethel and Lucy. With the assistance and guidance of our staff, Saul has learned the responsibilities of living independently and is proud to do what it takes to care for his home, his yard, and his animals. Saul is friendly, caring, and conscientious and is a very social person who loves to visit friends all around town. He has been a valued employee at three community jobs for many years.

Saul says:

  • “Six Points helps me budget and pay my bills the right way. Six Points helped me lose weight and eat healthy; I wouldn’t know how to exercise or what to do or how to lose the weight. They helped me learn how to swim.”